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Sealing Teeth

While fluoride is effective on the smooth sides of children's teeth, sealants - a clear plastic coating - was developed especially for the tops of pitted chewing surfaces. The sealant is applied in minutes without drilling or removing any part of the tooth.

First, the dental hygienist cleans the tooth surface. Then the sealant is either applied with a dropper or brush, completely filling the pits and grooves with the plastic material. This protective covering shields the tooth from cavity-causing bacteria.

Children benefit most from sealants when they are applied shortly after the permanent first molars erupt - generally around six years of age, and again after the permanent second molars erupt around age 12. Sealants should be applied soon after these teeth erupt, before they have a chance to decay.

A single sealant application should last several years and can be examined during regular dental hygiene visits.

Give your children a head start on a health smile - get their teeth sealed.