News of Students and Schools
Congratulations: NYDHA congratulates 2017 dental hygiene graduates. Welcome to the profession! Our representatives were delighted to present in person our President's Awards for student excellence in dental hygiene. Join us in applauding the honorees: Broome - Chloe Erway; Canton - Amanda Ashby; Erie - Chelsey Vacanti; Farmingdale - Kaitlyn Rostron; Hostos - Dilia Pimentel De Polenca; HVCC - Emily Black; Monroe - Persei Negron-Cruz; NYCCT - Azka Zafar; NYU - Suzanne Abrams; Orange - Lauren Lewis. See presentations here.
Great Reviews for 2016 Empire Conference Table Clinics

2016 table clinic winners

It was a Hudson Valley Community College sweep at the 2016 Empire Conference for student table clinic winners, shown here with Membership VP Michele Rase, at left. Judges selected

- “Oral Effects of Bulimia Nervosa,” presented by Amanda Sebast and Angela Dennis, for first place;

- “Oral Fingerprint,” by Johansen Sanchez, second place; and

- “Battle of the Brushes,” by Krystal Molitor and Gabrielle Pusatere, third place.

Among our attendees commented: “great topics,” “so well prepared,” “awesome students.” We concur!

NYDHA Adds Student Delegate, Alternates to House
student delegates-alternates 2016
NYDHA welcomed its first student delegate to
the House of Delegates, Shelby Zmijewski of
Erie Community College, and first and second
alternates Jennifer Halpin and Rikki Voerhinger
of Monroe Community College.
Honoring New Grads

Jade Chin - CantonValeria Garlock-ECCRebecca Johnson - HVCCWilliams Diaz - NYU

Congratulations to all dental hygiene graduates and welcome to the profession.

NYDHA representatives were honored to present our President’s awards to the graduating students nominated by their schools for their outstanding work: SUNY Broome, Alicia Torto; SUNY Canton, Jade China (far right), Erie Community College, Valeria Garlock (second to right with Past President Michele Rase); SUNY Farmingdale, Maria Leon Perez; Hostos Community College. Sherita Campbell; Hudson Valley Community College, Rebecca Johnson (third from right with Director-at-Large Karen Palleschi); Monroe Community College, Anthonisia Lawson; New York City College of Technology, Katherine Schiotis; New York University, Williams Diaz (immediate right with President Donna Hickey); and SUNY Orange, Amy Hays.

2015 table clinics
Students Cited for 2015 Table Clinics
Congratulations to Hudson Valley Community College students for awarding winning table clinics at the 2015 Empire Conference:
- Rebecca Johnson and Victoria Weinhold – 1st place, Ebola Virus;
- Jamie Poirier. Taylor Messore, 2nd place, Whiter and Brighter;
- Robin Grasso, DHASNY VP of Governmental Affairs and Public Policy;
- Jennifer VanBuren and Caitlin Hyra – 3rd place, Laser by Laser

NYDHA Presents 2015 President's Awards to Students
NYDHA is pleased to collaborate with dental hygiene schools across the state in honoring graduating students for excellence in leadership and student association participation. NYDHA representatives have been presenting the awards at the schools’ ceremonies. Join us in applauding the 2015 honorees:
  • Broome Community College - Heather Underwood Scott
  • Erie Community College - Linda Heitman
  • Farmingdale State College - Carmen Garcia
  • Hostos Community College - Maria Vassallo
  • Hudson Valley Community College - David Quinn
  • Monroe Community College - Sarah Anderson
  • NYC College of Technology - Angela Poulter
  • Orange Community College - Mariyanka Milusheva

2014 Table Clinics

Table Clinic HVCCTable Clinic students

Congratulations - Our thanks to the students presenting the table clinics at the 2014 Empire Conference in Rochester.

Top-scoring student presenters (above, right) gather at the Current Issues program to the applause of attendees., joined by immediate past President Robin Grasso at left and President Michele Rase at right. The presentations were: First – “Deep Sleep: Oral Appliance and Sleep Apnea,” Jaclyn Baum and Krystina Rosamino of Hudson Valley Communication College (pictured above, left with ADHA District II Trustee Jaclyn Gleber); second – Electric Cigarettes: The Better Choice? Jennifer Hoech and Eleanor Van Gurp of HVCC; and third – Maria Behling, Mary Bunce and Valerie Cole of Monroe Community College.

2013 Student Table Clinics
Attendees at the 2013 Empire Conference had the opportunity to visit student table clinic presentations by teams from DH colleges in New York State. They came away saying, "excellent presentations," "very smart group," "very well prepared," "great to see such work in our future RDHs."
At right, Niurca Richardson, NYDHA's Vice President for Member Services (center) presents the table clinic honors to student teams: Third Place - Allegra Fiore and Tiffany Burris of New York City College of Technology for Stem Cells and Dental Health; first - Carli Marie Zimmerman and Colleen Trendell of Hudson Valley Community College for Rampant Caries; and second - Bethany Berzal and Katie Harrington of HVCC for Effects of Hookah.
We look forward to NYDHA's 2014 Empire Conference student table clinics will be held November 8 in Rochester.
Hostos Oral Cancer Screenings
Hostos students conducted oral cancer
screenings as part of cancer awareness
public education activities in October.
Here, faculty member Daughn Thomas
demonstrates the screening to students.
Excellence in Teaching Honors
Marianne Belles of NYDHA's Continuing Education Committee and professor at Hudson Valley Community College, is the recipient of the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. The award recognizes exceptional contributions by SUNY professionals. A member of HVCC's Academic Senate and a faculty member of its Center for Effective Teaching, she also helped design and teach a highly successful post-graduate certificate course in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide analgesia for RDHs. Among community service, she coordinate an annual girl scout visit to the Dental Hygiene Clinic at the College as part of Children's Dental Health Month activities. Here, she receives the honors from HVCC President Andrew Matonak.
Congratulations, NYDHA 2013 President's Award Honorees!
NYDHA representatives have enjoyed presenting our Association President's Award for Excellence at the Student Level at school ceremonies across the state. Above from left, DHASNY District XII Director Doris Stockton congratulates SUNY Canton recipient Ashley Abeling; Erie Community College honoree Katie Kline is congratulated by District VIII Director Susan Burzynski; Sara Sworzen of Hudson Valley Community College is presented the award by Mary Ellen Yankosky, Director of Policy and Advocacy; Broome Community College honoree Alexis Bullock (middle) receives the award from Treasurer Tiffany King and District VI-Binghamton President Terry Duvall. President Robin Grasso provided the award to Mariya Kostova at NYCCT.
At right, President-Elect Michele Rase applauds Monroe Community College award recipient Elena Culakova.
At NYU, the President's Award was presented to Christine Dursunain; at SUNY Orange, Jeanine Altro; at SUNY Farmingdale, Briana Limoncelli; and at Hostos, Madelyn Rosario.
Student Table Clinics Inform at NYDHA Empire Conference
Monroe Community College students Elena Culakova, Kate Lia and Christina Steiner explain the "Effects of Sugar" to a young participant at the 2012 DHASNY Empire Conference. The presentation received first place in the table clinic program. Second place was awarded to Hudson Valley Community College students Kathleen Gail Flores and Sylva Tannous for "The Key to Dental Hygiene."
NYDHA Honors Students With President's Awards

Congratulations to class of 2012 dental hygiene students. NYDHA was proud to present the NYDHA President’s Award at schools across the state to recognize a second-year dental hygiene student member of ADHA / NYDHA who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and student association participation. The honorees are selected through nominations by the schools.

This year’s award recipients are: Broome Community College – Devan Watkins; Erie Community College – Erik Daruszka; SUNY Farmingdale – Keri Hand; Hostos Community College - Julie Rodrigues; Hudson Valley Community College – Kayla Sierburg; Monroe Community College – Brittany M. Messina; New York City College of Technology – Toni-Ann Restivo; New York University – Omar E. Batista; and SUNY Orange – Cailin Brigman.

"I had such a great time meeting all the students and faculty at NYU," said NYDHA Membership Services Vice President Niurca Richardson, at left, far left photo, who presented the President's Award to Omar Batista. From left to right: Hudson Valley Community College student Kayla Sieburg, left, received the President's Award from NYDHA immediate past President BJ Roppolo; President's Award winner Erik Daruszka of Erie Community College, third photo, at right, is congratulated by NYDHA District Director Sue Burzynski; NYDHA President Robin Grasso, at left in the photo at far right, greeted President's Award honoree Toni-Ann Restivo at NYCCT ceremonies.

Can You Get There From Here? Career Paths
Check out NYDHA Youtube videos on career paths

BCC Students Help Neighbors in Time of Need
Students from the Broome Community College dental hygiene club volunteered at Binghamton University's Events Center where 2,000 area residents, many with special needs, were evaculated during flooding of local communities.

HVCC Help Give Kids a Smile
Hudson Valley Community College's dental hygiene department joined with dental health professionals across the country for "Give Kids a Smile" day, with approximately 50 children receiving treatment at the College's dental hygiene clinic. The Hudson Valley Girl Scout Council visited the clinic to learn about good nutrition for healthy teeth. The scourts took a tour and practied brushing and flossing on animal puppets.

Hostos Students, NYCDHA Volunteer for Children's Oral Health
The New York City Dental Hygienists' Association and Hostos dental hygiene students participated in "Give Kids a Smile" during National Children's Dental Month. Sponsored by the Bronx County Dental Society and Moshulo Montefiore Community Center, free dental services were provided to low-income and disadvantaged children their this volunteer effort of dentists, hygienists and students. Screening, educational information and home-care kits were given to more than 150 childrn and their parents or caregivers.

HVCC Students Receive National Honors
Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities has recognized three Hudson Valley Community College dental hygiene students - Lauren Hutchinson, Katrina Mancini, and Healther Thomas - for their academic accomplishment, leadership in voluntary extra-curricular activities and community service, and potential for future achievement.

Empire Conference Student Table Clinics:
Participants at the 2011 Empire Conference in Saratoga enjoyed visiting and talking with students about their table clinic presentations. Congratulations to presenters from Hudson Valley Community College - Heather Thomas and Danielle Ferriero ons "Dental Stem Cells: Banking on a Brighter Future" and Jessica Welyczko and Lauren Van Auken on "Oral Disease Etiology: Digital vs. Conventional Radiographs."
The 2012 table clinics will be held November 3, 2012 at the Empire Conference at Turning Stone Casino and Resort, Verona, NY. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Way to Go Graduates and 2011 NYDHA President's Award Honorees:
DHASNY applauds the members of class of 2011 in the dental hygiene schools in New York State. Our Association's representatives have had the honor of attending the ceremonies across the state this spring. In conjunction with the schools, we're pleased to present NYDHA's 2011President's Award, which recognizes a second-year dental hygiene student member of ADHA / NYDHA for demonstrated excellence in leadership and student association participation.
Join us in congratulating this year's recipients: Jana Hay, Broome Community College; Tami Martel, Erie Community College; Holly Julch, Farmingdale, SUNY; April Walker, Hostos Community College; Tara Tufankjian, Hudson Valley Community College; Amanda McNamara, Monroe Community College; Gabrielle Harrop, New York City College of Technology; Lauren Huntington, New York University; and Christina Cohall, Orange County Community College.
Photo by Anthony Salamone - HVCC