NYDHA Board of Directors; Delegates to ADHA; Committees and Task Forces


Board of Directors

President - Harold Jennings, MA, RDH

President-Elect - Marlyce James, MSEd, RDH

VP Governmental Affairs and Public Policy - Donna Hickey, RDH

Vice President, Membership Development and Engagement - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH

VP Professional Development - Belangie Perez Torres, RDH

Treasurer - Laura Sleeper, DHSc, RDH

Secretary - Jennifer Baker, BS, RDH

Immediate Past President - Denice Brown, BS, RDH



-New York City – Janine Love, RDH

-Westchester Mid-Hudson - Danielle Murphy, RDH

-Adirondack-Capital District - Jeffrey McMinn, MA, RDH

Central Region- Doris Stockton, BT, RDH

-Rochester / Finger Lakes - Hillary Beaver, RDH

-Buffalo - Melisa Devaney, RDH

-Long Island – Jean Hall, DHEd, RDH


Elected Representative to the Executive Committee

-Jeffrey McMinn, MA, RDH



We thank our past presidents for their leadership


DELEGATES TO ADHA House of Delegates

Harold Jennings, MA, RDH (Head Delegate)

Denice Brown, BS, RDH

Kristin Hofer, MSDH, RDH

Molly Walters, BSDH, RDH

Shaquaintia Wyche, BA, RDH

Marlyce James, MSEd, RDH (First Alternate)





Awards - Denice Brown BS, RDH

Board and House of Delegates Actions - Jennifer Baker, BS, RDH

CE Accreditation - Marianne Belles, MS, RDH

Education - Belangie Perez Torres, RDH

Ethics - Denice Brown, BS, RDH

Finance - Laura Sleeper, DHSc, RDH

Governmental Affairs and Public Policy, Donna Hickey, RDH

Infrastructure - Harold Jennings, MA, RDH

Leadership Development - Marlyce James, MSEd, RDH

Membership Development and Engagement - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH

Nominations - Denice Brown, BS, RDH

Social Media - Harold Jennings, MA, RDH, and Marlyce James, MSEd

Student Services - Jean Hall, DHEd, RDH

Ways and Means - Laura Sleeper, DHSc, RDH


Task Forces

Charters - Harold Jenning, MA, RDH

Technology - Tiffany Kerns, BT, RDH

Workplace - Marlyce James, MSEd, RDH




Beth Krueger, Executive Director




New York Dental Hygienists' Association

P.O. Box 16041

Albany, NY 12212


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